Center for Developing of International Relationship  
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     Our main aim is to develop international relationship between young people from the towns and villages of Moldova  and people from all over the world.

We're searching different possibilities for our youth to participate in different projects, exchange and cultural programs in any country of the world.

Our objects are:

  1.  Taking part in volunteer projects in all over the world;
  2.  Inviting volunteers from European, American countries for different projects in Causeni, Moldova;
  3. Organizing exchange experience programs for youth on international basis an others..

Scopul nostru principal este dezvoltarea relatiilor internationale in or. Causeni, Moldova si in alte orase si sate a Republicii Moldova.

Obiectivele CDRI sunt:

  1. Participarea in proiectele voluntare in multe tari ale lumii;
  2. Atragerea voluntarilor din tarile Europei, Americii pentru realizarea proiectelor in or Causeni, Moldova;
  3. Efectuarea unor schimburi de experienta intre tineri pe plan international  s.a.
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